Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ether 12:27

     This has been a very busy week here in Guatemala.  We started our week with Family Home Evening on the 24th.  We were sitting in our apartment, waiting for time to go to FHE when our door bell rang and we were asked why we were late for the "Surprise" birthday party for President Burk.  Well, it was such a well kept secret that many of us didn't know anything about the party.  We hurried over and we had an evening of song and dance.
This is President y Hermana Burk y President y Hermana Galvez

The Family Home Evening was held outside on the patio of President Galvez's, Los Pitchers, y Hermana Guzman's apartments.  Hermana Guzman is giving a short lesson. 
 Sister Dick went home on Saturday, we will miss her, Los Barlows, Los Pitchers, Los Murri (don't you just love Elder Murri's shoes.  You can see him coming a mile away).

 The band was one of the best we have heard in Central America.  I think Elder Thompson was very glad that I had a broken knee-cap so he didn't have to dance.
President y Hermana Harris with Los Thompsons

These are our 4 single sisters, Cordon, Guzman, Paniaqua, Dick
Singing with the band, President Galvez, Sister Paniagua, Sister Cordon, Hermano Padilla

                                                  Sister Padilla lighting all the candles
 Happy Birthday President Burk

   On Thursday, the 27th, Elder Thompson was set apart as a sealer, assigned to the Guatemala City Temple.  Wow!  We have a whole gauntlet of emotions.  We are surprised, thrilled, humbled, and strengthened with the knowledge that our Heavenly Father will help Lon to magnify this sacred, special calling.  He will be able to seals families together forever.  What an amazing calling.
      On Friday, the 28th, I had a doctor appointment.  I was told to be smart with what I do.  I am not to try to bend my knee more than 90 degrees.  Any more than that will put too much stress on the knee-cap and could cause the screws and wires to come apart.  I cannot squat or kneel but can do stairs, the correct way.  He was very pleased with my progress and I don't even have to go back for 3 months, and then only if I feel that I need to see him.  So, I am mending, just have to be patient and let the muscles rebuild and let the healing process continue.
      The Senior Missionaries on the morning shift this week decided to go to lunch after our shift ended on Friday.  Since I had gone to the doctor and had not been on my feet all morning, we decided to go.  We walked down the street, just past the corner market to the "Friandise" for lunch.
 back row: Los Cuellars, Hermana Murri, Hermana Guzman, front row, Los Thompsons, Hermana Roberts, Elder Murri.  Elder Roberts took the picture.   It is a small sandwich restaurant that we really don't care to go to again.  The food was OK, just not great.  But the company was wonderful and it felt good to be able to get out.
        Elder Thompson has not had much of an opportunity to cook this week as the Murri's invited us to dinner on Saturday, after our shift, to try Chijuajua enchiladas.  Sister Murri was raised in Mexico and these enchiladas were definitely different than any we had ever had.  They fry a corn tortilla, top it with a mixture of enchilada sauce and meat and cheese, then put on another fried corn tortilla, top it with the mixture and then a third layer and top it all with lettuce and tomatoes.  It was delicious.  She also made some Spanish rice but it had way too many onions for us. 
                                               Los Murri's, Los Thompson's, Los Roberts's
 It was nice to sit and visit with good friends after a very busy week in the temple.  We had three very full days with lots of patrons and the two days in between to get caught up on the laundry. 
        Today, the 30th, Lon and I had to speak in Sacrament Meeting.  It went well, and we are glad that it is over.  This should be a less stressful week with that out of the way.   We had to speak on the role of Prophets and Apostles and the importance of General Conference.  We are now prepared to enjoy General Conference next weekend. 
     As another month draws to a close, we look forward to serving our Heavenly Father's children here in Guatemala in April, the last month of the dry season.  It will be interesting to experience the rainy season here.  We definitely can see the effects of the dry season on the vegetation and look forward to having the hills "green" up with the rains. 
       We love our opportunity to serve here as missionaries, and thank you for your support and prayers in our behalf.  We send our love to all.  Life is wonderful, we pray that you will find joy this week in your labors. May God bless you in all you do Lon and Nancy, Grandpa and Grandma, Dad and Mom

Saturday, March 29, 2014

We are loosing President y Hermana Galvez

     We just found out that our Second Counselor in our Temple Presidency and his wife have received a new assignment.  President y Hermana Galvez are to be the new Temple President y matron of the Quetzaltenango Temple or the Xela Temple (pronounced shayla).  We are very excited for them and the people in Xela, but very sad that we will be loosing them.  They are so humble and wonderful to serve with. 

Enohe and Jose Galvez

José María Gálvez, 68, Louisville 5th (Spanish) Ward, Louisville Kentucky Stake, called as president of the Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple, succeeding President E. Israel Pérez Citalán. President Gálvez’s wife, Enohe Orellana Casasola de Gálvez, will serve as temple matron, succeeding Sister Pilar de Pérez. President Gálvez serves as second counselor in the Guatemala City Guatemala Temple and has served as president of the Panama Panama City Mission, first counselor in the Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple, second counselor in the Guatemala City Guatemala Temple, stake president, patriarch and district president. A retired owner of a construction company, he was born in San Luís Jilotepeque, Jalapa, Guatemala, to Froylan López and Carmen Gálvez.
Sister Gálvez served with her husband as he presided over the Panama Panama City Mission. She has also served as assistant to the matron at the Guatemala City Guatemala and Quetzaltenango Guatemala temples, stake Relief Society president and ward Primary president. She was born in Amates, Izabal, Guatemala, to Ignacio and Margarita Castañeda Orellana.
        Sister Galvez's sister also serves here with us.  Sister Cordon is one of our single sisters.  The Galvez's will leave when we have our next two week break the first of July.  Our first counselor, President and Hermana Harris leave in 3 weeks so we are in need of two new counselors.  It will be fun to see who is called to these positions.  There is one thing that we have learned about life, there is always changes so don't get too comfortable with the way things are cause they will change soon.  Love to all Los Thompsons

Monday, March 24, 2014


      Our internet is back up and running so Elder Thompson got his bracket filled out and he and Ginger are keeping close tabs on each others picks.  As of this morning, Ginger has taken the lead.  They both have 3 out of 4 left in the final four so it should be a tight race.   Lon has only been able to watch one game so far, Oregon and Wisconsin, but maybe this weekend he can catch another one. (1 out of 52, not so sure that this is my husband)  He made us potato salad this week and enchiladas for Sunday dinner.  I just try to stay out of his way in the kitchen. 
      We had a very routine week, serving in the temple, walking and shopping and cooking for Elder Thompson, icing and exercising for Hermana Thompson.  We have been asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting this Sunday, the 30th, so we have been busy preparing our talks.  It takes a bit of extra time to write the talks in English, then translate into Spanish.  Now we just have to practice saying the talks so we don't stumble over the words. 
      We took a half hour walk this morning.  It feels so good to be able to walk with my sweetheart again, although very slowly and not too far.  Each day we are thrilled at the progress these legs are making.  I actually was able to serve on Saturday for 6 hours this week. 
       We send our love to all.  With the sunshine every day and the privilege of serving in the Temple with wonderful people, we are happy and content.  May God bless you with those righteous desires of your hearts.  Love Dad and Mom, Grandpa and Grandma, Lon and Nancy

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day and the 6 Year Anniversary of Lon's Heartattack.

     Another week has come and gone.  Time just seems to fly by.   We actually had a busy week for us lately.  On Thursday morning, the 13th,  as we were walking to the Temple, we met Brother and Sister Mazariego.  They serve in the San Salvador, El Salvador Temple.  They came to our Temple here in Guatemala City because their Temple is closed for the two week cleaning.  They serve on the Thursday AM shift there and brought with them other obreros from that shift, 9 women and 2 men all together.  What fun to see so many of our friends from El Salvador at one time and get to visit with them.  The Padilla's (mother and daughter), the Fernando's (mother and daughter), Bro. and Sister Figueroa, Bro. and Sister Mazariego, and three other women came.  I am sorry to say that the names of these other women have escaped my memory, however, their faces and their stories have not.  When I get home, I will look up their pictures in my journal and insert their names here.  It brought tears to our eyes as we embraced and fond memories passed through our minds.  It was indeed a very special day.
     Elder Thompson wanted to do something special for two couples that have helped us so much since we have arrived.  However, I am not up to going out to dinner on any day but Monday yet.  I just have enough strength to serve in the temple then I am done for the day.  So he decided that he would walk over to Pollo Campero, our favorite fried chicken restaurant, and bring home a bucket of chicken for lunch after our shift on Saturday.  He spend Friday afternoon making a macaroni salad and a Jell-O salad to go with it.  (I actually lasted 3 hours Saturday morning, twice as long as last week).  The Robert's and the Murri's came for lunch.
Elder y Sister Murri go home in October and Elder and Sister Roberts have only been here about two months longer than we have. 
        Elder Thompson continues to do all the cooking.  We've really got to get him his own apron when we get a chance to visit the local Mercado when I can get around better.  But he is so cute fixing breakfast Sunday morning.

     During Sacrament meeting today, the 16th, I sang with the Relief Society Choir in honor of the Birthday of Relief Society.  When we arrived home, we found this picture of Sister Roberts and I singing on our computer.
  We told Elder Roberts that we wouldn't tell anyone who took the picture.
     Today we decided to thank Elder and Sister Burbidge for all they have done for us since my accident.  She is the nurse at the CCM (MTC).  They take us to all our doctor visits and have come by to check on the legs whenever we have had questions.  We walked to the CCM for my walk for the day and met them to go to lunch.  They chose a restaurant that was just next door to the CCM that we didn't know about and had never visited before. (We have only gone out to dinner once since our arrival in December)  So we were able to walk to the Tocontento and had a delicious lunch with two new friends.  We talked for over two hours then home to ice the leg and ankles and Elder Thompson took his walk. 
     We haven't been able to get on the internet for three days now and Elder Thompson has been going through withdrawal as he has not been able to check any sports scores.  He needs to get his NCAA tournament brackets filled out as he and Ginger are seeing who can pick the best teams.  He figures that Ginger is the only one that has worse luck than he does, so he expects to get a free meal from her when we get home.   
     Well, that is about all from Guatemala City for this week.  We are enjoying our service here and love making new friends.  We send our love to all, Lon and Nancy, Grandpa and Grandma, Dad and Mom

Monday, March 10, 2014

Two Month Anniversary

     Today, the 10th of March, is a special day for two reasons.  First, it is the 13th birthday of our dear granddaughter, Ryanne Denning.  She is growing into such a wonderful young lady.  We wish her a very Happy Birthday.  We love you Ryanne.
      And second, it is the two month anniversary of my fall while we were taking our walk which resulted in two broken limbs.  To celebrate this day we just walked, very slowly, to the corner grocery store and back with a few groceries.  Wow!!!! A walk with my sweet eternal companion was the best way to celebrate this anniversary.  I am healing and making strides daily.  This week, Tuesday through Friday, I was able to serve in the temple for my whole morning shift.  I came home totaled each day, iced and laid around the rest of the day but we are thrilled that my stamina is improving.  Saturday I only lasted from 4:30 AM to 6:15AM but that gave the local workers time to get there and take over for me.  My right ankle has healed from the tweek it got last week and my left ankle has stopped swelling altogether.  I am now doing two sets of my leg exercises three times a day.  Is the pain all gone?  Of course not, it is a broken kneecap.  Is it all healed?  Of course not, it has only been two months.  But we are thrilled with the miracle we have received with the recovery process going so fast and smoothly.  So our medical report is that all is well.
     We have no new pictures this week.  Sorry, but we have not gone anywhere or done anything noteworthy.  We did join the Ward Choir yesterday and did fulfill our assignments in the Temple each day.  We are enjoying the sunshine, although on Thursday night we had our first thunder and lightning storm with lots of rain.  But woke up to another beautiful day. 
      We pray that each of you are well and safe.  We do live in a beautiful world and hope that with spring on its way, we can all get out and enjoy the creations of our Heavenly Father.  We send our prayers and love your way and thank you for your prayers in our behalf.  Life is wonderful.  It is truly a blessing from a loving Heavenly Father.  Love Lon and Nancy, Dad and Mom, Grandpa and Grandma

Monday, March 3, 2014

March? What happened to February?

    With not much else to do but lay around waiting for these legs to heal, I really thought that time would go so slow.  But I have no idea where February went.  It started and was gone before a blink of an eye.  We are sure that those of you in the cold are thrilled that spring is just around the corner.  Our weather here has been beautiful.  It can get a little warm in the middle of the day, but cools off nice in the evenings.  Our temperatures are around 78-80 during the day and cooling off to the high 50's at night.  We have had lots of sunshine and blue skies.  We still have about another six weeks before the rains are supposed to come. 
     As for your medical report: the right knee is healing nicely and getting stronger with more flexibility daily.  The left ankle gets a little achy at times but the swelling only lasts for a couple of hours after I have been on it for 3-4 hours at the temple.  The right ankle--yes that is right---I tweeked my right ankle on Tuesday so it has been swelling and aching worse than the left one.  We had to go to the embassy on Tuesday morning, the 25th, to get our pictures taken and sign some papers as part of our residency process.  The van we took was a very tall one and by the time I had walked across a very uneven street, up and down a flight of stairs, back to the van and tried to get in, I twisted my right ankle.  With two ankles that complain about walking, it has been a very interesting week.  We have been on the AM shift so after about 4 hours in the temple, I come home and ice and keep both feet up the rest of the day and by morning all is well and we do it again. 
     We have been assigned the AM shift for the next couple of months.  We have to be at the temple by 6:45 and are done by 1:30.  This is not our favorite shift.  We like to trade weekly so we can meet more people, but right now we think that this is the best shift for me.  I don't have time to do anything before we go to the temple so my legs are fresh and I can stand and serve longer.  By the time our shift started in the afternoons, my legs were already tired.  So we are following the council found in Doctrine and Covenants 88:124.  "retire to thy bed early, that ye may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated."  (and we are trying to do it with a smile!)
     This week was our Stake Conference so once again we had to get into the temple vans for the trip to the Stake Center.  This time, Sister Burk brought me a step stool to help me get into the van.  I also used it during Conference to put my feet on because the chair was too tall and I couldn't reach the floor.  This was a wonderful idea.  It saved me a lot of pain.
We have to use two vans and 7 went with family or friends in cars.
        Thompsons, Roberts, Sister Guzman, Cuellars, Sister Burk, Olsons, Svensons, Murris
   Our dear Sister Dick, a single sister, is never late, just always on the button.  She is always the last to arrive and Elder Thompson just loves to tease her.  She goes home in three weeks to Arizona and will be greatly missed. 
Sister Dick with Sister Svenson
        The Stake Center is the biggest chapel that we have been in.  We left early so we could get good seats, but the earlier meetings were not over yet so we had to wait to get into the chapel.  We still ended up just out of the chapel on chairs.  The place was packed.
We were taught by Elder Carlos Amado of the Seventy who is our Area President, our Stake President, and our Temple President and his wife, President and Sister Burk.  We really enjoyed Conference and getting to see so many of the faithful who are in the temple daily. 
     When we returned to the Temple, we got some photos of our dear Sister Dick with President and Sister Burk.  Every month from now to October, we will be loosing one or two of our mission family as they complete their missions.  We know of two senior single sisters who are headed our way and one senior couple.  The President is always looking for replacements.
President y Hermana Burk y Hermana Dick
President y Hermana Burk
     Elder Thompson has gone with the other missionaries to do our grocery shopping.  He is really getting to know his way around the stores.  He made us another batch of bread this week and his zucchini bars for Family Home Evening turned out great.  My job each day is to serve in the temple, then keep my feet up the rest of the day so I can serve the next day.  He continues to do all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry.  To make things a little easier on him, we have hired a woman to help with the cleaning.  We were told of a single mother of 5 who lost her job and was looking for some work to help support her little family.  She works in the temple laundry 3 days a week, has one child serving a mission and another getting ready to leave on a mission.  She will come in one day a week and clean the bathroom, mop the floors, dust, and vacuum.  She only charges 60 Quetzales a week which is about $7.50.  It will be nice for Lon to have some help with the heavy load he is carrying.  The cooking and laundry will keep him busy enough. 
      We thank you for your emails.  It is always fun to hear about your lives and families.  We are enjoying our time here.  It is fun to meet so many different people.  Elder Thompson has threatened to put me in a padded cell if I hurt anything else so I am trying to be very careful and have a very uneventful week.  You are always in our thoughts and prayers.  We love you Lon and Nancy, Dad and Mom, Grandpa and Grandma