Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Construction progress

Dear Family and Friends:
    This post will not be very interesting for you, but we have followed the progress of these buildings since we arrived.  So today we took pictures for the final time so that we can remember how these buildings looked when we left here. 
    This is a new apartment building that was just a big hole in the ground in December of 2013 when we arrived. 
      We pass by these buildings every day as we take our daily walk.  This one is at the top of the hill.  They are working on the inside of the building now.
     The well is finally finished and the foundation work has begun on this apartment building just around the corner from the first.  They will have an amazing view of the Volcano Fuego from the top floors of this building.
     A smaller apartment complex.  This is the building that we had pictures of the 6 inch concrete roofing.  It is now overlaid with shingles.

     I think it would be a nice place to live.  They are working on the gardens and fences and gates.
     This is a private home that has added on rooms above the garage.  The work here seems to be going very slowly.

     Another big apartment complex that was just a hole in the ground when we arrived.  Each level is one apartment.  They will have a pool and exercise room on the ground floor.  Half way up the building you can spot a man sitting on a plank painting.

         This is the only building that has been completed while we were here.  There are people living in at least 3 of the apartments.  There are building projects started all along our walking trail.  It amazes us to watch some of the procedures as they use more man power than machines here to get a job done.  But that gives more jobs to more people so that is good.  There are a lot of very rich people living around this area.  This is one of the most safe zones of the city, and we still have robberies and murders here.  It is such a big city and there is always crime in any big city anywhere in the world.  We are so thankful that we live in a small town.
     We are giving our blog pages to Hno. Nufio on Saturday so that he can get them bound for us.  He bound the first year of our mission so we want to get the second one done to match.  We will then just paste in the last two weeks to finish out the mission.  This chapter of our lives is down to two
more blogs.  Unbelievable!!!!!  We send our love Dad and Mom, Grandpa and Grandma, Lon and Dad   P.S.  I forgot to include the photos of our parking lot.  We have had a gravel parking lot until about a month ago when they started working on it.  They have finally gotten it done and opened it for use this week.  It has cut down on the dust and really looks nice.


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