Sunday, June 7, 2015

Estaca Monserrat y despedido

Dear Family and Friends:
     We have been saying good-bye this week to many of the obrero's that we won't see again because we won't serve on their shift this last week that we are here.  We have been given some very nice going away gifts: from Hna. Dubon a table cloth and table runner that she made, a huipil from Hna. Estrada, a purse and wallet from Los Rosados to name a few.  But one of the gifts that we will cherish forever is a poem written for us by Hno. Oscar Fajardo, the Thursday morning shift coordinator. 

     He had the poem framed and it will have a special place on our wall at home.  It is still hard to believe that our time is finished here.
     As we walked on Friday we passed the new apartment building and they had taken down the fence so we had to have one last photo of it.

     Friday was a very slow day at the temple because it is election year here and there was a political rally that closed one of the main roads of the city and traffic was at a standstill for hours.  We are told that this will continue to happen until the elections in September.  Some of the rallies end up being very violent so our obreros and participantes have to stay home and our temple attendance is very small.  Saturday evening was much better as a stake came in a bus and filled the temple. 
     As we took our walk on Saturday, we had the opportunity to take a photo to show you just how "clean" our air is to breath. 

     And this one isn't even one of the real old red buses that smoke up the city.  Between the buses and the volcanos erupting, the air quality is so bad.  We do look forward to returning to clear skies and clean air, even though at times we will smell the dairies. 
     On Sunday we were assigned to attend the Monserrat Stake Conference.  The stake president is Hno. Abadillo who is our Tempe Recorder. 

      We were here once again with President and Hna. Caffaro, president of the South Mission.  The cluster of missionaries in the photo are gathered around Hna. Caffaro receiving treats that she brings to each conference to spoil her missionaires.  This stake had a good attendance and the music was wonderful. 

     The chapel and cultural hall were completely filled. 

     The choir was directed by two of our obrero's, Hno. Cate y Hna. Patzan. This was the best choir we have heard here.  They sang one hymn accapello that had very tough harmony but they did it beautifully.  They were joined by a Primary choir to sing "I'm Trying to be like Jesus".

     We were sitting right beside the children so we could see their expressions and hear their voices.  They really sang out and all knew the words.  It was a wonderful conference.  We ended our talks by sharing our testimonies in song by singing "I Know that My Redeemer Lives".  This stake has 32 temple workers.  What fun to be able to greet so many of them.  We were able to get a few photos.

 Hno. Baldizon from the Wednesday AM shift.  He loves to speak English

 Hno. Cate, choir director, Saturday Mid shift.

 Hna. Bolanos is a volunteer because she still has children under 18 in her home.

 Hna. Genil Chavez, Wed. and Thurs. AM shifts.  She also works at the CCM

     These young people asked us for a photo, we don't know any of them.  The young man on the left side next to the young woman is named Hyrum.  I told him that my great, great, great grandfather's name was Hyrum. 
     As the conference began, the Stake President called a young man and a young woman to the stand to open their mission calls for everyone to experience that special moment in their lives.  We have seen this done in El Salvador.  We hoped that the youth were happy with their calls because the whole stake was watching.  The young man is heading to Honduras.
      The young lady is heading to Mexico.  She is here with her Stake Presidency.
1st Counselor Daniel Matheu, President Oscar Abadillo, 2nd counselor Manuel Soto

            Los Thompsons con la presidencia
     After conference, we were invited to have lunch at the home of President Abadillo.
       This is the gated community where the Abadillo's live. 

     It is a 3 bedroom home with the bedrooms all upstairs.  We were served grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, and tres leche cake and a strawberry jello dessert.  This is a tradition in this stake.  The whole stake presidency and their invited guest speakers have lunch at the presidents home before the afternoon Priesthood session. 
     President Abadillo and Hna. Abadillo.  He is the temple recorder and she is an obrera on the Wednesday AM shift.
    We had a wonderful Sunday ending with Skype calls to Mom, Tracy and Ginger. 
We spent Monday working on packing a couple of suitcases.  We have given away one of our big suitcases to a young missionary who didn't have one and now realize that we need another big suitcase or we won't get everything home,  We will be shopping for suitcases tomorrow after our shift.  It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in 18 months, and we have even given away lots of our old cloths. 
  Lon spent the afternoon making his last batch of cookies.  We are now out of flour so he won't be baking anymore.  We needed cookies for our part of our FHE meal.
     All 20 of our temple missionaries , including the Rosales, met at the Presidents home for our despedido.  We are saying good-bye to 5 of us.
Los Barneys and Hna. Guzman leave on the 29th and Los Thompsons on the 15th
     We each had to speak for a few minutes and express our thoughts and feelings about our mission here.  It is always a very touching FHE.  We had a wonderful meal of tacos with all the trimmings and desserts.

       Los Burks, Hna. Guzman Los Thompsons

 Hna. Barney, Hna. Rosales, Hna. Thompson, Hna. Rosado, Hna. Guzman, Hna. Caballero

                  Los Rosados, Los Thompsons
 The day has now ended,
We're alone with our thoughts,
Our tummies are grateful
For the food that was brought.

The tacos were awesome,
What more could we ask
Then to sit with our friends
And in their goodness bask.

Our hearts were made tender
As farewell thoughts were shared,
Grateful to be here
With great friends who care.

Thanks to our president,
And matron so fine,
For lifting us upward,
Our hearts to entwine.
With love and gratitude,
Hermana Barney
     We only have 3 shifts left in the temple.  We know that this week will go very fast.  It is always bitter-sweet to leave a mission.  We will miss the wonderful experiences we have had here but look forward to being with our family again.  We love you and will see you all soon.  Dad and Mom, Grandpa and Grandma, Lon and Nancy

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